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Welcome to Arca Industries ltd

A creative agency for all your design and procurement requirements!
We can find a solution for every and any enquiry

Our Online store stocks over 20,000 products, many of which can be offered with a quick turnaround.

We also offer our bespoke solutions and we would be delighted to work with you to develop your unique product.

How We Work

  • Consultancy

    Every client has very specific requirements and initial consultation is vital for clear communication of these ideals. We can arrange meetings at your convenience with quality reference samples and presentation of initial ideas to help with the creative process.
  • Project Management

    Project Management The Arca team have 30+ years experience in this industry, from local quick turn – around to global promotions. UK based Project Managers liaise on a daily basis with the Far East merchandising teams, offering our clients regular and accurate project updates. Our extensive experience enables us to offer creative and innovative solutions that support your target market and business objectives.

  • Design

    Our highly skilled and experienced creative team produce beautiful and innovative solutions, that are not just in line with upcoming market trends, but also based on in depth knowledge of the manufacturing process. These are not just pretty pictures, but designs put together with your budget and quality requirements taken into account from this early stage.
  • Sampling

    We understand how important it is to see and feel the finished item, and it is our standard procedure to provide completed samples of the finished products for approval prior to manufacture.
  • Compliance

    We have an extensive database of qualified factories and only work with manufacturers that have been audited for social and ethical compliance, as well as process and quality standards. We continue to audit and benchmark existing and new facilities so we are always offering the very best options to our clients whilst ensuring all employees work in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Prices


Hello there…

If you are looking for a promotional merchandise company based in the UK, you are in the right place. Look no further! ARCA is a London based design, promo merchandise management company and a branded gifts agency. We design, source, and supply ecofriendly promotional giveaways, event merchandise and branded gifts, both nationally and globally. Arca offer solutions for cheap promo gifts, eco promotional products, off the shelf products for quick turnaround and short lead times, bespoke designs from our overseas factories for unique personally tailored gifts. We support the live events industry, from Festivals and concerts, to corporate and exhibitions as well as schools and hospitals, galleries, and museums.

We can offer you the perfect merchandise solution, from cheap promo gifts to high end bespoke branded products. And of course, there is the ever-important ecofriendly range of items on offer, using recycled products and compostable materials. Arca only work with socially and ethically compliant factories.

Been there, bought the T-Shirt… We are fans, and as fans, we know what to expect when it comes to merchandise!

We love concerts, we love music, we love live events and festivals, and we understand how important it is for fans to buy affordable and good quality merchandise as a testimony of fans’ support. Merchandise embodies the momentum and the fan experience. Promo merchandise must be cheap, good quality and something that has the power to bring back the vibrant emotions. We have worked with quite a few names in the music industry. To name but a few…ACDC, Tom Jones, Statu Quo… Please have a look at our gallery to see some of the live events and fan merchandise we developed for their live events and tours. We also love sports events, and just like music, we know how sport can generate emotions. We know how crucial it is for fans to be able to buy cheap although good quality merchandise to show their support and keep as memorabilia of that event, victory, and historical win. When it comes to art in general, we can also add our touch of affordable art memorabilia to a museum exhibition and gallery to complement the exhibitions with good quality branded merchandise that will enable visitors to leave with affordable pieces of artists branded items.

We are consumers and as consumers, we know what we would like to receive from our favorite brands when it comes to branded gifts.

We have over x years’ experience developing branded gifts from cheap promo gifts to high end bespoke products for corporate groups such as P&G, xyz… Please have a look at our gallery to see some of the corporate gifts we developed for promotional activities, product and launch events.

We are citizens and commuters, and as such, we have lately been worried about Covid-19. We have developed and sourced a range of off the shelves and branded PPE products including sanitizers, face masks, cleansing wipes to help everyone keeping the virus at bay.

We save the world too! Well…doctors and nurses do, but we have helped them doing our bit, working from home when necessary, to assist our customers and develop merchandise solutions for their enquiries. Talking about the doctors and nurses that (really) save the world, we have also developed and sourced some well-needed PPE products for hospitals. We developed, sourced, and supplied Save the World face masks for public and private structures such as schools, hospitals, shops, companies, etc. which have wanted to supply face masks to their staff.

Above all, we are citizens of the Earth and we care about our beautiful planet. We are environmentally friendly, and we develop ecofriendly products. We also source recycled products and compostable materials. We have strong societal and ethical values, and we only work with social and ethical compliant suppliers.  We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we are profoundly serious about our professional, social and ethical responsibilities when it comes to the products we develop, source and supply for our customers, the fans and all the end consumers out there. We are 100% confident we can find merchandise solutions for your needs. You are just a call or a message away from your solution.

Company Number: 879325
Registered in England/Wales 

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